Investment Criteria
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EBITDA: $0 – $5.0M

Prefer companies with 10%+ EBITDA margins

Geographically Agnostic

Though we will emphasize companies West of the Mississippi

Strong cultures focused on building great teams and delivering superior customer service

Management/Senior Leadership:

Generally, we prefer opportunities with continuing management and senior leadership, but we are also happy to consider an investment in which management and manager/owners are transitioned out immediately or over a reasonable time period.

Attractive compensation programs and incentive-based options for owners and/or senior managers are an integral part of our investment philosophy.

Preferred Investment Structure:

Flint strives to keep the structure simple for the Sellers while aligning incentives for the team and management. We do this by utilizing the following elements when structuring investments:

  • Cash payment/investment for the Seller
  • Rollover equity (if desired) for owners/managers seeking to maintain an ongoing ownership stake
  • Seller debt (when 3rd party debt is unavailable or cost prohibitive)

NOTE: We do not use earnouts as they often create tension with the Seller and misalign incentives

5% Finder’s Fee Agreement:

Our fee agreement will pay 5% for any proprietary deal brought to us by our partners (i.e. one not already represented by a sell-side intermediary). This is intended to help our partners with deals where the companies are reluctant to pay a fee but where a company may be a good prospect for The Flint Group.

For those already represented by a sell-side intermediary, we will pay the higher of 2% or a Standard Lehman Formula.

Download a copy of the Buy-Side Agreement: